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Purposeful, Adaptable, Resilient Organizations and Leaders

Updated: May 24, 2020

As the world goes through the level of unprecedent uncertainty, it is important that organizations and leaders adapt to becoming more Purposeful, Resilient, and Adaptable, this isn’t an end state, this is a mindset, a new mental model for organizational transformation, the new modus operandi , that will enable organizations to be intentional about their futures, the successes, outcomes and impact they want to form in the world and with humanity.

Driven by Purpose

When leaders harness and create organizations that are Purpose driven, by understanding the “Why” for their decisions and actions it creates intentionality and attractive sauce that develops high performance, agility with leaders, it improves employee motivation, self accountability, and ensures sustainability.

Leaders who role model the behaviors of Purpose driven leadership develop trust, loyalty, increase collaboration and innovation for the organization, greatly improving performance is like putting your foot on the gas, knowing that your team have your back, while building resilience that will enable it to pivot, and thrive during periods of uncertainty.

Being Adaptable

Building a highly Adaptable organizations, enables leaders and employees adapt to changing needs, pivot on the complexity and uncertainty of the intentionality, provides a passion for agency, charging an organizations mindset and behaviors that enable it to accelerate in performance and agility, so that they can take advantage of new client and market needs and adapt to creating competitive gains while creating a positive social impact and responsibility. It becomes apart of the construct of the organization, that what I think and do, for my employees, customers is also meaningful to the needs of the planet and society.

Building Resilience

Building Resilience enables an organization to withstand any shocks to the road ahead, by providing business continuity, as well as being able to adapt and become more agile, more cohesive as an organization, enabling organization to stay centered, versus reactive, while driving those difficult bends so that they can take advantage of market opportunities and continued superior employee and customer experience while increasing the attraction of the organization.

Building Resilience to the DNA of an organization enables them to learn and set an intentionality and purpose of sustainability, taking into consideration that the equilibrium of social, economic and ecological impacts not only the organization, but the wider ecosystem of the planet and humanity.

In future blogs, I will uncover the key steps to developing purposeful, adaptable, and resilient mindsets, how you can build a journey for you and your organizations leadership and culture and develop intentionality in your conversations and impact.

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