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Servant Leadership

One of the most important elements of learning to times of change is to be able to engage your teams. Servant leadership, although not mutually exclusive to time of change, becomes even more important as it assists employees in focusing on being more authentic, motivated, committed, and self accountability to take action, achieve results and to collaborate.

Unlike historic leadership principles of downward power it is about inverting leadership in developing the best in others around you and being servant as a leader to their growth, needs, development and aspirations.

Servant leadership is a set of leadership and management principles and competencies that enables create these core tenants of an organization, building greater performance, trust and innovation across teams. The phrase "servant leadership" may not be familiar to a large number of individuals, but it's a belief system that has been widely embraced by some of the most successful Fortune 500 organizations around the world.  Its essence is to focus on the organization as a decentralized organizational structure of leading and managing.  It also emphasizes core values that encourage innovation and the development of leaders that must first focus on serving all stakeholders in an organization to the well being of all, with out favoritism, manipulation or need for power.

In the Servant Leadership program we bring a best of breed program on developing Servant Leadership behaviors that enable leaders to build core competencies and mindset for Servant leadership, bringing a wealth of knowledge from some of the best Servant leadership Principles from:  Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey, Peter Senge, M. Scott Peck, Margaret Wheatley,

Ann McGee-Cooper & Duane Trammell, Larry Spears, and Kent Keith.

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